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In 1992, the LOOK MAGAZINE was published as a community advertising magazine in Tiptree and Kelvedon, two villages to the south - west of Colchester in North East Essex and shortly after expanded to include Coggeshall and The Teys. Its founder Simon Eaton recognised a niche in the market for a magazine in which local businesses could advertise at reasonable rates, and at the same time clubs, societies, charities and other non-profit making organisations could advertise and inform the public about themselves absolutely free.

Simon won the prestigious Shell Young Achievers Award in 1993 for this innovative approach to local advertising, and the slogan "Community Advertising Working For You" still appears on the front of each issue. Proof of its successful format is that many advertisers from the early 90's are still there today.

In 2005 Simon decided that the old A5 black and white format had had its day and with more sophisticated techniques and size, the new LOOK was introduced in its present form  with colour and photography introduced.

Now the LOOK MAGAZINE has entered a new phase in its history and Simon has decided to offer others the opportunity to produce magazines in their own area. Already there are eight well established magazines in and around the Colchester and Clacton Area with a ninth in the Bolsover district of Derbyshire, with more due to be published soon. (Click on "Areas Covered"for more information)

The total number of magazines delivered free of charge every month stands at over 100,000 and growing.

Our Aim is:

First and foremost to encourage local people to use local businesses and services.

To produce the most cost-effecive way for businesses to reach potential customers.

To help charities, clubs and other non-profit making organisations to prosper.

To bring good cheerful information to the public.

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